Visiting the BNP PARIBAS Championship

Today the BNP PARIBAS Championship received a very special visit, a group of children from the Wheelchair Tennis Program in Acre, Israel. The group consists of Children, aged 8 till 21 which includes ethnic and religious variety. Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druzs. They usually arrive once a week for a three-hour training session where they learn techniques, how to move their wheelchairs, batting, rules and more.

The Program began early this year thanks to BNP PARIBAS who gave their support, and in partnership with the northern home of the non-profit organization “House of Wheels” in the Galil – whose mission is to incorporate and empower children, adolescents and young adults with physical handicap. The Program also receives many volunteers from Hesder (an Israeli yeshiva program combining military service with Torah studies) in Acre, Pre-Army Programs (Military service is mandatory in Israel), which arrive at each training session to help the Children. They are trained by Eti Levi, who is a senior trainer. Eti raised many players in the Israeli Tennis field and was especially trained in “Ilan”, the Sport Center for the Disabled named after Spivak.

Due to the Program, Children from many sport centers ge to meet, interact and play together, allowing them perfect opportunity to improve social skills and motor skills.

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Second Day Concluded

The Israeli Quad Team secured its place in the Semi-Finals of the World Championship for Wheelchair Tennis, hosted in Ramat-HaSharon, Israel. The Israeli Team defeated

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