Quad: Great victory for the Israeli Team 2:1 over the United States

Today ended the first day of the World Championship for Teams in Wheelchair Tennis which is hosted in the Center for Tennis in Ramat-Asharon, Israel.

The Israeli Quad Team achieved great victory 2:1 over the USA Team. Noam Gershony played first game and defeated 6:0 6:0 Greg Houstrock in 47 minutes. Shraga Weinberg faced the Legendary Nick Tailor and was defeated 7:5 6:2. In the Doubles Match Gershony & Weinberg faced Nick Tailor & Bryan Barten – On the first round, the American team won 6:1, and on the 2nd round, the Israelis won 6:1. At the super tie-breaker Gershony & Weinberg won 6:10 and thus won the match.

On the 2nd house game Japan defeated Brazil 2:1. On Thuesday the 14th of May at 10AM, Israel would face Brazil and The USA will face Japan.

Great Britain defeated Canada 3:0, and tomorrow (Thursday) it will face South Africa in the Preliminary Rounds.

In the Men Category, Austria defeated the USA 2:1, and Japan, the current Champion, defeated 3:0 Poland. France defeated 3:0 Brazil, and Spain defeated 3:0 Sri-Lanka.

Mighty Argentina defeated 3:0 Israel. Guy Sasson was defeated during the first game 6:0 6:2 by Agustin Ledesma. The 2nd game was won by Gustavo Fernandez, currently ranked 2nd in the World and the first Argentinian in history who was world champion. He defeated 6:1 6:0 Adam Berdichevsky. During the Doubles Match, Berdichevsky & Stokol where defeated by Fernandez & Ledesma. Tomorrow at 3PM, Israel will face Holland. Holland has defeated 3:0 South Africa. Belguim defeated China, and Great Britain defeated 2:1 South Korea.

In the Women’s category there are three teams in each house. In House 1, The USA defeated 3:0 Switzerland. In House 2, Thailand defeated Brazil 2:1. In House 3, China defeated France and in House 4, South Africa defeated Colombia  2:1.

In the Junior category, Colombia defeated Argentine 2:1, and Great Britain defeated 2:1 Australia. In House 2 (3 Teams) Turkey defeated 2:1 Holland.

176 Tennis Players from 23 Countries compete in four categories: Men, Women, Junior and Quad (major disability), two Teams represent Israel, the Quad team, and the Men team.

Entry is free of charge for each and every day of the tournament. Each set is composed of two Singles game and a Doubles game starting 10AM each day, up until the evening.

The Championship has three partners:The Israeli Paralympic Committee, The Israeli Tennis Association and The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation.

You can see the events, scores and more at our website.


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Second Day Concluded

The Israeli Quad Team secured its place in the Semi-Finals of the World Championship for Wheelchair Tennis, hosted in Ramat-HaSharon, Israel. The Israeli Team defeated

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