Fifth day concluded at the World Championship

The Israeli Quad Team was defeated 1:2 by Japan, in the World Championship Finals for Wheelchair Tennis, taking place in Ramat-HaSharon, Israel. After four consecutive wins Noam Gershony & Shraga Weinberg were defeated 1:2 by the World Champion, Japan. The Team lost the previous Championships to Great Britain and Australia.

Noam Gershony raised Israel to 1:0 after victory 6:0 6:4 over Shota Kawano after 56 minutes of play. Shara Weinberg was defeated 2:6 3:6 by Koji Sugeno after an hour and ten minutes of play. In the Doubles match Gershony & Weinberg were defeated 4:6 2:6 by Sugeno & Moroishi. South Africa won 3rd place after victory 2:1 over Great Britain. The USA reached 5th place. In the Ranking Matches 6-7 Canada defeated 2:1 Brazil.

In the Junior League Australia defeated 2:1 Great Britain, after a dramatic battle that ended 14:12 in Super Tiebreaker. Turkey won 3rd place after a victory 3:0 over Brazil.

In the Men’s League Great Britain reached the Finals after defeating 2:0 Japan, and France defeating 2:1 Argentina.

Israel was defeated 0:2 by Poland in the Ranking Matches 15-16. Adam Berdichevsky was defeated 6:7 (5) 2:6 by Kamil Fabisiak. Stokol was defeated 0:6 2:6 by Tadeusz Kruszelnicki.

Other Results:
Ranks 5-6: Belgium – Holland 2:0
Ranks 7-8: Spain – The USA 2:0
Ranks 9-10: South Korea – Brazil 2:0
Ranks 11-12 Austria – South Africa 2:0
Ranks 13-14 China – Sri-Lanka 2:0

Women’s League Results:
3rd place Great Britain after victory 2:0 over South Africa
Ranks 5-6: China – The USA 2:1
Ranks 7-8: Thailand – Colombia 2:0
Ranks 9-10: Russia – France 2:1
Ranks 11-12: Switzerland – Brazil 2:0

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Second Day Concluded

The Israeli Quad Team secured its place in the Semi-Finals of the World Championship for Wheelchair Tennis, hosted in Ramat-HaSharon, Israel. The Israeli Team defeated

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